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Here at Different, we just love ‘D’s. All the best things in life begin with a ‘D': debauchery, dinosaurs, debauched dinosaurs… deep house, doughnuts, ‘drone, digressing… to name but a few. So if a band comes to us with great music and just happens to also begin with a ‘D’, well then “it’s all gravy,” as they say.

So, this takes us now to our latest signing, DNKL. Whilst at first they might look a little similar on paper to label-mates (and fellow acronym) DBFC, don’t be fooled: this ‘electronic noir’ outfit from Sweden have a sound that is uniquely their own. Dark synth melodies meet atmospheric mood-pop, coming over all cheekbones and dry ice. What could be better.

Inspired by the German word for ‘dark’, DNKL (pronounced ‘dunkel’) is made up of Claes Erik Strängberg (vocals and guitar), André Laos and Jonatan Josefsson (both do electronics). They band started when they began experimenting with different sounds and textures in Jonatan’s Gothenburg studio. Full songs soon began to emerge as their debut EP ‘Wolfhour’ took shape and appearances at festivals like Roskilde have helped to cement their reputation for creating excellent, atmospheric mystery-pop.

Watch this space for news about ‘Otherside’, their upcoming release through Different.

Photo credit: Maximilian König